Robin Shillcock


Robin d'Arcy Shillcock (b. 1953) is an Australian residing in Netherlands. After spending his childhood in India, Australia, Guatemala he came to Netherlands. After graduating in two degrees at the Academy of Fine Arts in Groningen he concentrated his artistic endeavours on birdlife and the Dutch landscape, working primarily as a plein air painter. His fascination for wild birds of prey led him to falconry, giving him a good opportunity to study raptors and their prey, while his home functioned as a sanctuary for injured and orphaned birds. Such experiences gave him a different, but foremost close look at birds.
Between 1980 and 1990 he taught drawing and painting, and worked as an illustrator for various nature magazines. From 1992 tot 1995 he worked as secretary of Artists for Nature Foundation, organizing excursions to threatened nature areas in which artists from many countries contributed.
From 1995 to 2002 he was chairman of exhibitions at the Pictura Fine Arts Society in Groningen, the oldest art society in Netherlands, organizing exhibitions in all art disciplines.
In 1984 he began publishing articles and books on art, on his travels and views on contemporary representational art, and lecturing on these topics in Netherlands and abroad.
Since the early years he has widened his range of subject matter to various genres in which the personal story plays a major role. Drawing in situ, using the brush as a extension of the questing eye, is the foundation of all his work, and has taken him to far-flung rugged areas as Svalbard (painting polar bears) and New Zealand’s Banks Peninsula (drawing fairy and yellow-eyed penguins).
He operates internationally as artist, writer and independent curator of exhibitions.
His work is included in private, public and corporate collections in eight countries, while his books have appeared in five languages.
In Netherlands he is counted among the "Northern Realists". He is a member of the Ducth Society of Marine Painters.

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