Robin Shillcock

The Scrapbook

Perhaps because the years ahead come towards us like strangers, full of unknowns, we tend toe look upon past memories as friends, Good Friends. Here are a few from my childhood years in India, Guatemala, Mexico, Australia.
Here I am with my nanny Kanchi, from Nepal, who had these wonderful, soft hands with which she modelled animals in plasticine for me. She took me to the Calcutta Zoo, where I stood in awe of the elephant as it sniffed me over with her trunk. Here I am drawing at age three, or with my parents during our European holiday tour. The old b& w pix were all taken by my father.
Then there are drawings by my good friend Denis Clavreul from France, by Russian artist Vadim Gorbatov, and an oil sketch by Irish artist Julian Friers (painted under an hour!).
There are pics of me sketching young elk in Poland, being eaten alive by mozzies in the Bialowieza forest (Poland), being crowded by donkeys in Dormillouse (French Alps), etc etc.
All fine recollections, like loyal friends they warm the heart.