Robin Shillcock

Lonely Coast Art Projects

Under this name we engage in numerous activities. For books we do art historical texts, editing, image and bibliographical research. Also translations from Dutch & Swedish -> English, English -> Dutch.
Recent publications: Bernd Pöppelmann, Maler(Germany, November 2009. Introduction), Dag Peterson(Sweden, November 2009. Introduction), Mark Dedrie (Belgium, March 2008. Co-author).

Author of the following books: Pintores de la Naturaleza(SEO Madrid 1997), Portrait of a Living Marsh/Leven tussen Land en Water (Inmerc Netherlands 1993), and co-author of Wind, Wad en Waterverf (Benjamin & Partners 1992)

Publication of numerous articles portraying bird artists for the Dutch bird magazine Vogels; articles for BBC Wildlife (Britain), on bird drawing for Veldornitologisch Tijdschrift (Belgium). Book reviews for NBLG (National Board of Dutch Libraries) and the Western Front Association Netherlands magazine De Groote Oorlog.

Over the years independent curatorial work for Artists for Nature Foundation & Castle Zeist (NL); Pictura Fine Arts Society (Netherlands); Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, Tromsø, Norway; Museum Møhlmann, Netherlands.
Collaboration with Letterkenny Arts Centre (Ire), Bosjökloster (S) and the Milwaukee Public Museum (USA).

Since 1998 Lonely Coast Art Projects organizes international artist residencies, notably in areas of natural beauty such as the Regional nature park de la Brière in Brittany, France and on the Dutch barrier island Texel.
Currently we are working on an international artist in residence project in the Regional nature park de la Brenne in Berry, France.

Products resulting from these artist in residence projects are group exhibitions and coffee table books:

Texel, in schoonheid verbeeld (Coeghe 2001)
La Brière. Artistes en escapade (Coiffard 2002)
Parc les Écrins. Regards d'artistes (Editions Equinoxe 2007)